About Fioroni Collection and the Original Butterflies

<< "She says with her open smile, that she had the good luck to inherit the hands of her mother, Victoria, a custom tailor by profession, by whose side she learned to design and sew, first for her dolls and later for herself."

Pelush, founder and designer of Fioroni Collection studied architecture and painting at the School of Art in Florence but soon became involved in designing theatre costumes and also gained invaluable experience working with a master furrier.


During her holidays one year she got to know ibiza and never went back to Italy. "I left my job, my country , everything!" she says smiling. During the early 1980s she was already selling in street markets and in the 1990s she managed to secure a stall in Las Dalias.


She tends to design clothes with a theatrical touch but has gradually evolved to please a wider public, in very feminine designs with a romantic hippy- touch. Her basic material is cotton jersey and these days her collections can be found all over the world. >> (Las Dalias Magazine)

In 2012 she designed a colourful tunic with arms like a butterfly. This special piece of textile should become the best-selling piece she ever had. She called it "Butterfly".

Meanwhile you can find various copies of Pelushs "Butterfly" made in India. But there is only one original, handcrafted on the Island! Like Pelush herself, the Butterfly Tunic is an original piece of a colourful life!